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DWI attorneys in Austin are dedicated to giving you the best legal representation when you are facing a charge of driving while intoxicated or driving while under the influence of alcohol. “Call a DWI Attorney in Austin” is how to go about calling a Texas DWI attorney if you’ve been arrested and charged. The number of people that have been arrested for a DWI charge is on the rise. There are many reasons as to why an arrest may be made.

The Austin Police Department does not release statistics regarding DWI arrests but they do have a traffic stop statistics. The city has over three hundred thousand people each day that are stopped for drinking or driving. Of those three hundred thousand, one hundred and fifty people were arrested for DWI. Of those one hundred and fifty people, ninety percent were either convicted or were given a jail sentence. So you can see why the demand for the services of a qualified DWI lawyer in Austin is so very high.

What Is the Need For a DWI Attorney in Austin?

DWI in Austin

If you are being accused of DWI in Austin, you should consult with a professional Austin DWI attorney as soon as possible. An Austin criminal defense attorney will work with a team of experts to get your charges thrown out. DWI attorneys in Austin protect the rights of drunk drivers throughout the state and protect your constitutional rights. No matter what your situation may be, a skilled lawyer in Austin can make sure that you get off without a sentence.

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Drunk Driving Lawyers in Austin, Texas

DWI (Driving While Intoxicated) laws vary from state to state, but the penalties and consequences for a DWI conviction are usually the same. The penalties range from fines, community service, loss of license, probation, jail time, alcohol classes, ignition interlock devices, auto insurance rates increase, and criminal records will be expunged or suppressed. Unfortunately, many people who are caught drinking and driving do not think that they have any legal options and therefore do not bother to find out about a DWI attorney in Austin, Texas. It is important to do so if you are suffering the consequences of a drunk driving conviction. In many states, the offender has their license temporarily suspended; however, in Austin, Texas, a DWI attorney can make sure that the suspension is lifted completely, as well as the penalties.

Many times, innocent people are caught drunk driving, but it is a different situation when the driver is impaired. For this reason, it is critical to hire an experienced drunk driving lawyer in Austin, Texas. “Having known what is required of me, I now ask the court to dismiss my case if the circumstances warrant it,” said Robert “Bob” Wigwam, who was arrested for drunken driving in November of 2021. “I’ve been looking forward to getting my lawyer for the last two years, and I’ve learned that it is not that difficult to get one in Austin, Texas.” Mr. Wigwam has already retained a DWI attorney in Austin who is very familiar with Texas drunk driving law, and he is hopeful that his lawsuit will be resolved favorably.

Lawyer’s Offer

If you have recently been arrested for drinking and driving, you should consult with your lawyer immediately. The internet can be a good resource to start your search, and many legal websites also offer free consultations. While many lawyers offer free consultation hours, it is wise to find a lawyer in Austin who charges reasonable fees for meeting with them. A quality lawyer will ensure that your legal rights are protected, and that you receive the best possible defense in your case.

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